Kodak Microfilms offer unparalleled performance, handling, and digital-ready images. As the acknowledged leader in microfilm technology, we supply everything in films from duplicating to source document, Wet COM to Dry Laser COM, and beyond.

When it comes to quality, the up to 500 year life expectancy of Kodak Reference Archive Media (optimized for use with Kodak i9600 Series Writers) delivers the peace of mind you demand for valuable documents.

We're also committed to environmental programs, including silver recovery and HDPE recycling.

Microfilm & More Product Description PDF Spec Sheet
Dry Laser COM Microfilms When you need the best possible thermally processed microimage available today, your search will lead you to KODAK IMAGELINK DL 1000 Microfilm. PDF Spec Sheet
Duplicating Films KODAK Duplicating Films range from micro-fine grain, silver halide reverse-image Duplicating Microfilms (used for making contact prints from camera microfilms and duplicate microfilms) to Diazo D Tonal Black Microfilm (which reproduces very fine lines and small text characters) to Vesicular film (a durable and fade resistant option). PDF Spec Sheet
Reference Archive Media 1433/3433 For permanence in your digital images, with high quality duplicates and crisp clean paper prints, you need KODAK Reference Archive Media. PDF Spec Sheet
Source Document Microfilms Whether you're working with rotary and planetary equipment; fluorescent or xenon flash exposure; medium or high speed; we've got a silver halide Source Document Microfilm for you. PDF Spec Sheet
Wet COM Microfilms Kodak's wet COM microfilms offer many benefits, while using less chemistry than traditional films. PDF Spec Sheet

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